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Fall Box Lacrosse Participation Questionnaire
Below there are two opportunities to play Box Lacrosse this fall.  Please click the box and fill out the form so we can plan and have coaches ready for each level participating.

2021 Fall Box Lacrosse Sunday League
This fall the Rogue Box Lacrosse League will be holding games on Sundays.  We will have a total of 15 spots per team with 1-2 additional spots for goalies.  More information will be coming on how to sign up soon.  Check back here for updates

2021 Albany Power Box Lacrosse League 
Albany Power Lacrosse Club has a weeknight Box Lacrosse League beginning this fall.  We will send out an email with dates for each level to see if there is enough interest to have a team join.  This league will be full US BOXLA rules.


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